Arvixe Web Hosting Review

Arvixe is a web hosting company that is privately own. It is located in San Luis-Obispo with an experience of more than 10 years. The company is currently one of the fastest growing private held companies in America. It grew from a small business operation into a company making million dollars today. Arvixe web hosting offers several classes of hosting services such as personal services, business, reseller hosting options, dedicated, VPS and many more.

Personal and business class hosting

Personal class-hosting mainly focuses on individuals who are seeking cost-effective option. There are two options; personal class plan and personal class pro-plan. The difference between the two is the number of domains that you are able to host. They both provide unlimited disk-space and data-transfers, servers that are located in the United States or Europe and a domain name. Note that Arvixe does not actually give a particular number of disk space that will throttle or shut down your website, but a great percentage of about 99% of site owners have a better chance and they will have no issue. Business class service is also dived into standard and pro option and it has similar features as the personal class hosting service. Standard personal class and pro ring in at 4 and 7 dollars per month respectively while standard and pro-business class options start at 22 and 35 dollars per month respectively.

VPS and Dedicated class hosting

Arvixe has excellent VPS packages which can start at 40 dollars per month for a standard VPS hosting and 70 dollars per month for a pro VPS hosting. There are six tiers available regardless of what you select. You are also able to enjoy unlimited number of emails, domains, free SSL certificates, two IP addresses and monthly data transfers. A dedicated server usually comes with fully or 100% managed servers, all-day dedicated support, night security updates and much more. The Dedicated class pricing normally begins at 105 dollars per month for each single processor and about 329 dollars per month for the multi-processor servers.

Arvixe may also allow for unlimited MySQL database and some sub-domains which enable you to extend your URL into an unlimited number of pages. Furthermore, Arvixe web hosting allows you to park up even up to six domains under one account either for resell or for launching purposes. Unlimited POP3 and IMAP email accounts are also available with your possible addresses. This enables you to create any customized email-address that bring credible and high legitimacy to your site. There are several benefits to enjoy with Arvixe web hosting. For instance, it has a proven business record, meaning that it is very popular and experienced. It has upgrading options with a wide array of hosting choices that best suit any organization’s needs. Valuable Addons, CPU power allocation as well as a 60 full money back-guarantee are also available and reliable. A few cons such as relatively expensive personal class, shared hosting option, as compared to its competitors and unlimited hosting which is not truly unlimited can never outweigh the many benefits it has.