DreamHost Web Hosting Review

Dreamhost is a Los Angeles based company that is known to provide web hosting and domain name registry. The company has been providing services for various web-based companies and professionals since 1996. Ever since its creation, Dreamhost has been at the top of its business. They have a number of hosting networks and web servers available for clients to use. They also offer cloud storage as well as computing services, which has been a selling point of the company since 2012.

What makes Dreamhost stand out in the competition is its ease of use. Many developers and web-based entrepreneurs who have limited knowledge in handling the server find the control panel of Dreamhost easy to use and to understand. The interface and dashboard is also simple and easy to understand for professionals who are new to the field. This is especially true for graphic and web designers who want to have e a fast turnaround for their clients. Dreamhosts features are great for starting businesses and individuals who are looking to improve their client-base so far.

One of the most critical aspect of a web-hosting company is its uptime and stability. Clients look for stable web hosting providers that don’t crash frequently. Some are being fooled by low-cost web hosting at the expense of poor stability and numerous downtimes. Dreamhost, on the other hand, is known to have good and stable hosting services. They have very limited occurrences of down times. They are really knowledgeable at what they do, and do not do it just to profit for themselves.

Dreamhost also offers a 97-day money back guarantee for clients who just want to experience its services, as opposed to other major web host providers that only have a 30-day warranty. If you are not satisfied with the services, Dreamhost promises to give the amount you have shelled out to avail of their services. So far, there are little occurrences of clients who are availing of Dreamhost’s money back guarantee because of their poor experience. This means majority of the clients like what Dreamhost is providing for them.

The prices too are reasonable and are acceptable for the services that they offer. The features are great and the parameters are reasonable. But what makes Dreamhost a viable pick for a reliable web hosting and computing provider, is its prompt and professional support system. Dreamhost is known to give a great customer service experience, with their support being prompt and knowledgeable on the questions of the clients. They also reply almost always as soon as a ticket is received. Though there are few instances of dissatisfied clients, overall the experience with Dreamhost’s support is positive and favored upon.

Dreamhost has been in the industry for quite some time, and thus has developed the industry to what it is today. They have advanced their knowledge and improved their services over the years, and will continue to do so for the years to come. The company is still improving its already great services, so the client can expect more so far.