EHost Review

A website is a very vital tool for marketers, entrepreneurs, or businesses. It acts as a link between clients and the enterprises. However, the success of any website is contingent upon several elements. One of these items is the hosting company. To create a better online experience for your site’s visitors or prospects, you need to get website hosting services from a competent and reliable web hosting company such as eHost. Your sites reliability, speed, and ease of use are determined by the hosting service you are getting


eHost is a leading web hosting company that has been in the industry for more than 15 years. In 2015, the company went through a major revamp and re-launch after being bought by Endurance International Group, a group that owns other top hosting companies such as iPage, BlueHost, JustHost and several others. eHost has continued to stand out among its competitors due to its ability to promise a service and deliver on the same.


1. Free domain name – When you register with eHost for hosting plans, you are provided with a list of free domain names and it is up for you to select one that pleases you.
2. Google webmaster tools – eHost allows you to use Google master tools to monitor and maintain your website presence in Google search engine.
3. Free website builder – You get instant access to the exquisite drag and drop website editor that allows you to customize your site according to your preferences. You are also allowed access to hundreds of professionally designed templates to help you start your online journey.
4. Free email addresses- The platform permits you to setup an unlimited number of email addresses. It is also versed with email forwarding and auto-responders that help you to quicken communications and interactions with prospects.
5. It offers free marketing tools- The platform is embedded with useful marketing instruments such as website analytics software, Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing credit, SEO tools and tips as well as the site authentication seal.
6. Ecommerce functionality to build and online store and great blogging tools.

Pros and Cons of eHost:


• eHosting keeps everything simple by charging an extremely competitive price for its services. It is one of the most cost efficient hosts on the market right now.
• The platform offers a reliable uptime that is said to be 99.9%.
• Ease of use. eHost has a standard website that details everything you want to know about their services, packages, and pricing.
• 24/7 customer support. eHost has a reliable customer support team. You can contact them through email and chats or a direct call. They also provide fantastic online tutorials and help services.
• Money back guarantee. The company has a money back guarantee policy that elapses after 45 days. You can get your money back if you feel that their services aren’t what you anticipated.


• Clients are not provided with a free trial to learn the basics
• Once a design is chosen, it can’t be changed
• It charges higher renewal rates. Although the initial price is super cheap, the renewal rate is relatively high.


Even though eHost has some limitations, it is a great option for novices in web design. Its ability to offer professionally made templates and the innovative drag and drop builders set it apart from its competitors. Its uptime reliability and money back guarantee makes it a perfect host for your website. There is no risk since your money will be refunded back in case you find that it doesn’t suit you.