GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

As far as the online domain industry goes, GoDaddy is the holy grail service. It’s got brand recognition, industry experience, infrastructure, etc. When people consider URL names, GoDaddy is invariably the first site that crosses their minds. But how about its status within the web hosting realm?

Hosting Packages

Like most other web hosting firms, shared hosting is common ground at GoDaddy as well. If you don’t mind paying extra, you can enjoy more control and flexibility with the company’s dedicated and VPS hosting options. Cloud hosting is also a flexible hosting variant. Reseller hosting packages are ideal for individuals or companies in the web hosting business. Long story short, GoDaddy doesn’t skimp on the different hosting plans.

However, the Economy plan, unlike the Ultimate and Deluxe plans, allows a single domain to be associated only with 90 sub-domains. To exceed the restriction, you’ll have to upgrade the hosting plan. The Economy plan could therefore be a sore experience for many, since several other service providers enable unlimited domain hosting regardless of the chosen plan.

Unique Features

GoDaddy, being the industry leader, has a few unique weapons in its armory.

  • Website accelerator: This inbuilt tool helps load GoDaddy-hosted websites faster than normal. This, as a result, positively influences website traffic as visitors don’t end up miffed by slow website loading speeds.
  • Special apps: GoDaddy has unique apps for creating a blog, setting up an e-store, etc. There are dedicated apps to build shopping carts, and tools for CMS and blogging. Installation of the apps only need a single or few clicks.
  • Lifetime money-back promise: Most service providers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. GoDaddy takes this to another level. Its money-back promise stays valid till your website is hosted on GoDaddy servers. Full refund is given for cancellations within a month. Account cancellation after a month fetches a refund on a pro-rata basis.


Generally, basic plans will lack most features synonymous with advanced plans. GoDaddy’s basic Economy package uses spam detection and secure shell in your control panel and email accounts. But it doesn’t allow Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security, which secures your site URL and transfers private data.

After-Sales Service

Generally, GoDaddy is not known for its post-sales support. Though there are support tools in the form of email, social media assistance, phone service and live chat, they aren’t truly reliable or don’t have a faster turnaround. Immediate support is crucial when a website goes down or if there are other issues.

Phone and social media support is average at best. Typically, it takes at least 20 minutes for the live chat team to respond to your queries, no matter what time of the day you ping them. Though several other sites are notorious for keeping their customers wait even longer, but 20 minutes is still a long waiting period, especially for a reputable company such as GoDaddy.


Despite being an average web hosting service provider, the GoDaddy name is hard to ignore. Most amateur webmasters or site owners with modest hosting requirements will find GoDaddy service sufficient. The installation and setup is simple, and there’s enough disk space and bandwidth to efficiently conduct a small business online. Webmasters looking for an advanced or foolproof hosting experience can look elsewhere.