Quick Tips to Increase AdSense CPC & Revenue

If AdSense is your main source of revenue then it is very important for you to understand the positive effects of AdSense Optimization. Our main aim is to get high eCPM and a high CPC (cost per click) by doing AdSense Optimization. If you are one of those AdSense publishers who have a huge incoming traffic but their AdSense revenue is low, then you have come at the right place. I will tell you the best methods to increase your AdSense CPC along with overall revenue.

Let us first try to understand what AdSense CPC is. CPC is Cost per Click i.e. the money that you earn per click. Coming to AdSense revenue your major focus must always be on CPC and not on CTR (Click through Rate). You might have come across certain bloggers who despite of having less traffic make decent money from AdSense. This is because the eCPM of such blogs are high and they get paid very well for CPC. There are a whole lot of factors that affect AdSense CPC, we will go through them one by one.

Choose your Niche Carefully:

As the Cost per Click of an advertisement depends on the topic of your website or blog, you must be very careful about choosing the right niche that can give you highest returns. Some of the niches that you can target, are: Tech Gadgets, Google & Microsoft Products, Jobs, Real Estate, Banking, Health etc. The best way to dominate AdSense is by developing Micro Niche sites/blogs.

Maintain the quality of your content:

It is very important that you post original content on you blog or website. The content must be relevant to the niche you are targeting. Also it must be descriptive enough to give all the answers your users are looking for. You can research the keywords and draft the articles that can attract a lot of traffic.

Do visit the Ad Review Center:

You can find the Ad Review Center in Google AdSense wherein you can find out how much each Ad category pays you. If you are not happy with what a particular Ad category pays you, then you can block it as well. Tip for increasing your CPC: block the Ad categories that are irrelevant to your niche.

Block your Competitors:

You can find Competitive Ad Filter in Google AdSense, wherein you can block ads belonging to your competitors. You can also block a complete domain or a specific website in that domain.

Increase the ease of access:

Your website or blog must be easily accessible through desktop, laptop, mobile phones, iPads and other hand held browsing devices. If you are using WordPress then you can use plugins like Wp touch which will make your website mobile friendly as well. Like this you can increase your CPC by targeting more number of readers and thereby generating more revenue.

Choose Target Audience wisely:

The CPC can be increased based on the country/target audience. The CPC on an Ad can vary to a huge extent from one country to another. So always create a blog or website that suits the demands of the target audience.

Right Format for your Ad:

Usually text ads have higher CTR & better CPC whereas image ads have less CTR & low CPC. But depending on your niche and the Ad placement sometimes even image ads can do well.

Proper Ad Placement:

You must be well aware of the placement of your Ads as it can increase or decrease your AdSense revenue. You can place 1 ad (336X280) on the right side, outside your post. 1 (336X280) ad just below the title and 1 (468X60) ad in between the post. You must aim to use the maximum ad units per page. As per stats one gets the maximum clicks on the 2 ads placed inside the post.

So friends do follow these guidelines to see your AdSense revenue shooting up. In case you need any further advice then you can contact the Google AdSense Center as well. Always target a different niche, build unique content around highest CPC AdSense keywords, choose the perfect format of ads and place them wisely. Doing all this would certainly increase your AdSense CPC and overall revenue.