Secret to Online Success Revealed – Learn On Page SEO in 5 minutes!

Know all about On page SEO within five minutes! I have summarized here all the techniques that you need to know for learning every bit of On page SEO. If you are dreaming of success, then you have to make sure that your website is fully optimized for search engines as well as users, in this way you can bag the top rankings in the search results.

In order to make things easier for the beginners I will start from the basics. Search Engine Optimization is the way of optimizing your website in order to improve its ranking on the various search engines. SEO techniques are of two types: On page SEO – these include certain configuration settings to be applied on the website, Off page SEO – these are the techniques that are used outside the boundaries of the website.

Both these techniques play a highly important role in optimizing your website. But On page SEO is like the foundation of your website, it has to be rock solid and perfect, only then can you achieve your dream of ranking at the top. The following techniques will help you in getting started with On page SEO:

Unique Content: The content that you post on your website must be relevant to the topic you are talking about. In short it must make sense and must not be a copy-paste from other relevant websites. For this you need to make sure that you understand the niche that you are targeting. Make sure you research well and bring out certain facts that users will be interested to know more about. If your content is excellent and unique then half of your work is done, in getting your website ranked.

User Friendly Website: Once you are sure of the content you want to post on your website the next step is to create an ultimate user-friendly website. You have to ensure that your website talks about all the things that users are looking out for. In short your website should be the key to all their worries or questions. This will make sure that your users visit the website again and again for getting all their answers relevant to the respective niche you are targeting. Your website must be designed in a way that makes it easily accessible through mobile as well. Most of the users today browse through their smartphones and if your website is not optimized to be easily accessible through smartphones then you might lose on a lot of traffic. So make your website user-friendly in every possible way and open your doors to success.

Quick On Page SEO Techniques:

  • Make sure that every single content that you post is original and unique. Whether it is about articles, images, videos, comments, presentations or infographics. Every single letter that goes on your web site must be your own creation!
  • Another thing you need to make sure is, your content being well descriptive. It must explain and answer everything in detail. Short and concise posts don’t rank well, so your articles must not be stretched too far but they must be well formatted and detailed.
  • Decide on a Posting Frequency and then follow it religiously. This will keep your website updated in the eyes of various search engines.
  • Format your page well so that it is properly readable. Make sure the font is not smaller than 12px. Also use bold, italics or underline for enhancing the headings and important points. Split your content into small paragraphs to make it readable.
  • The Page Title should be unique and intriguing. It must be attractive enough to catch the attention of the users. Also the Page Description must be well drafted as it is displayed just below the link in the search results. You must write these 150 words in such a way that the user is convinced to visit your page for that particular topic.
  • If you are planning to add images to your posts then every image must be original. The image must be properly sized so that it gets easily loaded along with the page. Always use ALT tag for adding a description to your image & also give your image a descriptive file name.
  • Make sure you preset the structure of your permanent links. A URL must not have more than 250 characters and its various parts must be separated by hyphens. This will make the URLs more user friendly.
  • Always classify your posts into various categories, this will help the users as well as the search engines in finding your pages faster. Uncategorized posts don’t rank well in the search engines as they are difficult to find.
  • Last step is to submit the Sitemap to the respective search engines. This will keep the search engines updated about the structure of your website. It will also help in faster indexing of your pages. You can submit the sitemap through Google Webmaster Tools.

So this was the summary of all the steps & techniques that you need to master for doing On Page SEO of your website.

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