Serious problems with Paid and Free Shared Hosting

Are you relying too much on shared hosting? Its high time you need to knPow these problems associated with shared hosting.

Shared hosting is free or cost you a very less penny, that’s true. Shared hosting provides you many facilities that’s again true but it has many disadvantages too. You will better like to spend some money for dedicated server rather than facing the problems associated with shared hosting.

Shared hosting is a big NO when you want to have a business website or want to earn money online.

Five very common problems of shared hosting which can get you in fix are –

Problem/Issue with shared hosting: SECURITY ISSUE

With shared hosting, you may need to compromise on security. The level of safety and security you need to have for your website is not assured by the shared hosting. Any problem or attack on the server you are depending on is directly becomes your problem. It becomes easy for hacker to attack because the other users of that same server may be following very poor ways to prevent website from any breaches. Their one mistake or negligence can cause you a big trouble. So security of shared hosting is really questionable.

Problem/Issue with shared hosting: RANKING ON SEARCH ENGINE

When you are on shared hosting and expecting to have a good google ranking for your website then you are day-dreaming. With others user on same server some of it may be spammer, google may remove you from search results and it will cost you many customers. Other than that, the problem of slow loading and taking too long time to open is another big problem and it too affects your SEO ranking.

What else can be a big problem when you are not able to get a good ranking on search engine?

Problem/Issue with shared hosting: NO CUSTOMIZATION, NO UNIQUENESS

Shared hosting offers you many services to make your website look good and attractive. There are templates and web builder to help you build your official business website. The problem is you are left with very few options to try out and there are many other who are using those same designs. Therefore, the uniqueness is gone and if you want to customise even a minute thing is not possible with the shared hosting.

Problem/Issue with shared hosting: SHARED RESOURCES

Dozens or hundreds of websites are running on same server, same CPU. It means same resources are handling the working behind your website online. It’s ok when the traffic is low, but problem arises when too many user are visiting your website. At the end of the day, you want too many visitors to see your website because that is how you will grow your business. Thus, shared hosting put limits on it and shared resources caused you problem. The dedicated CPU, RAM and space that actually required for your website to be user friendly, this purpose is not served by the shared hosting.

Shared hosting makes your website slow and poor in response too.

Problem/Issue with shared hosting: MONEY MAKING IS RESTRICTED

Sometimes unnecessary fees, sometimes-undesired ads pop up in your website leave you with poor control on your website. As more traffic cannot reach your website means shared hosting is causing you to lose some customers. Business is your main purpose then its better not to depend on shared hosting as money-making can be restricted. You may be tied up with vendor specific operation process.