Siteground Website Hosting Review

Every person wants his website to perform at its best. Having a real web experience has much to do with your hosting service provider. With many Web hosting companies in the market, there is the need to make a wise choice, selecting the one that offers exemplary services and products. Siteground web hosting company is one of the leading companies providing top tier web hosting services. This company has gained ground due to high-class services it has been offering to its client for a long time. They are experts in hosting all web application at competitive rates. All the popular web applications do well in their servers than you would expect elsewhere. Their working goal is to provide hosting platforms that suit the needs of every person. With siteground web hosting, you are guaranteed high speed, secure and all time support for your website. They do things that other hosting companies would consider impossible to protect your site from risks of being hacked. Other than web hosting services, Siteground offers other services such as WordPress services and Joomla services.

Web hosting services

Cloud hosting: This type of hosting is based on a very innovative technology. It is ultra fast, auto scalable and enables you to control your hosting plan. This service comes with a 24/7 VIP support. This is the best-managed hosting services for people with a small development project, or those needs to host enterprise with high traffic. With four plan, entry, enterprise, business Plus, and business plan the rates are competitive and customer friendly. Each plan comes with different features comparable to its pricing.

Dedicated hosting: Siteground offers you a chance to host your website on a high-class machine with dedicated setups and manage by the company’s experts. This type of hosting comes with a lot of innovative software to boost the performance of your server to ensure you get the best web functionality ever. Plans under this hosting include power server, enterprise server, and the entry server, all of with differ in packages and rates.

Reseller hosting: The reseller hosting program is created for web developers and designers that maintain the websites of the clients for a long period. This program is easy and reliable and includes a cutting edge web hosting services that increase your revenue all the time. It is crafted for multiple hosting. Packages include reseller credits, great profit opportunities from reselling of ground site services, massive discounts on the purchase of multiple accounts. The rates are friendly and within your budget.

Shared hosting: Shared hosting comes with three plans. The startup crafted for great web startups, GrowBig that is designed for the growth of your web and GoGeek plan that is crafted for the real geeks of your web. The rates of each plan vary depending on the features and packages associated with it.

Siteground web hosting offers a range of services that improves the performance of your website at competitive rates. With a support team devotion of 100%, you are assured of high-class services all time everywhere. The support team is available 24/7 to attend all your need. Communication means include chats, phones, and tickets all of which have an instant ticket reply. With all these features and web hosting starting at $3.95 per month there is no wonder why Siteground is on the top of the list.